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The Basal Ganglia: Your internal puppet master

Have you ever left your house in the morning and wondered whether you locked the door or remembered to close the window? Have you ever arrived at your destination and realised you had no recollection of the journey? Have you … Continue reading

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From secret agents to drunk rats

There’s a spy film (I can’t remember which one) with a famous scene where the secret agent and his enemy sit down for drinks. The agent secretly slips a pill into his mouth to counter the effects of the alcoholic … Continue reading

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Can a brew help you beat type II?

Coffee and cake – a match made in heaven. It may also be healthier than you think – well the coffee at least. A recent paper has shown that drinking coffee may help prevent obesity-linked type II diabetes. The study … Continue reading

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Scientists are People Too

Nothing stops a conversation at a party quicker than the words “I’m a scientist.” I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had the following conversation: “So, what do you do for a living?” “I’m a scientist”. “Oh, really? That’s fascinating, what … Continue reading

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Cats on the brain

Since their domestication in ancient Egypt, cats have carved their own niche within our society;  controlling pests and delighting owners worldwide. Whether our own, or our neighbours pets; the vast majority of western inhabitants interact either directly or indirectly with … Continue reading

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