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Salamanders, 3D Printing and the Body Shop

Salamanders are interesting creatures. When attacked by a predator, they will shed their tail and flee. The tail will wriggle around on its own for long enough to hopefully distract the predator and allow the salamander to escape. Fortunately, losing … Continue reading

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Politics vs. Science – from Galileo to Professor David Nutt

In 2009 Professor David Nutt caused controversy for the UK government’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs after stating the cannabis should be declassified to a Class C (rather than Class B) illegal drug.  During his time on the Council, … Continue reading

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How Do Diet Pills Work?

At the moment my life seems to have turned into a horribly gender clichéd romcom, in which I need to lose weight to get into an oh-so-special dress for a wedding. Imagine if you will, the voice-over guy introducing the … Continue reading

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Science: Is it a girl thing?

Last week I was forwarded a link to a, now withdrawn, advert from the European Commission. The link came from a friend with a wry sense of humour and when I first watched the clip I automatically assumed it was … Continue reading

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