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The science of brain freeze

Everyone loves summer with its long days, blazing sun and ice-cold drinks – all too often accompanied with the head-splitting pains associated with so-called ‘brain freeze’. The culprits range from ice-creams and milkshakes to chilled drinks, all having the same … Continue reading

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Is your brain wired for facebook?

I ‘like’ Facebook as much as the next person, or rather any of the other 950+ million users. The fact that people can stay in touch so easily in a metaphorically shrinking world without having to use a pen, paper, … Continue reading

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Right to Die: Is it ever justified? – one scientist’s perspective

For this post I’m going to break from my normal light-hearted blogging to talk about a topic which is very serious and close to my heart – the “Right to Die”. The “right to die” is the ethical entitlement of … Continue reading

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The Science of a Hangover

I have a love hate relationship with wine – I love it and it hates me. That’s at least the way it seems the morning after we’ve been in close proximity. But why does alcohol make you feel so rotten … Continue reading

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