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Toys for Girls and Boys

I don’t know why it comes as a surprise every year; but as soon as the pumpkins are sold out and the fireworks over, supermarkets start playing Noddy Holder and for the next month and a half we are reminded … Continue reading

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The Junk in Your Genetic Trunk

Almost every cell in our body contains, at its centre, a small tangle of DNA. The genetic information this DNA holds is vital for every aspect of a cell’s life. As a result, it can have a direct impact on … Continue reading

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Could Jennifer Aniston hold the key to memory formation?

Ever since her leap to fame as Rachel on the popular TV sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most recognisable actresses in the world. Now, scientists believe that the discovery of brain cells responding specifically to pictures … Continue reading

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Sleep deprivation on the campaign trail

The gruelling final few months of the presidential election campaign are notorious in political circles. Candidates get by on as little as four hours sleep most days due to huge demands on their attention and judgement as the campaign reaches … Continue reading

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