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Growing old artistically

The creation of art requires a complex interplay between brain and body. Indeed, the appearance of a finished piece is intimately linked to both the subjective experiences and mental processes of the artist. Scientists are beginning to appreciate how art … Continue reading

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Although chemical and biological warfare has been internationally condemned since the 1600s, scientific research has continued to uncover chemicals which can have a devastating effect on the nervous system. Indeed, at the end of last year there were reports of … Continue reading

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The Science of Sleep – You snooze you lose?

My top ten favourite things to do are as follows: 1) Eat 2) Sleep 3) Snack 4) Snooze 5) Lunch 6) Nap 7) Chow down 8) Dream 9) Pig out 10) Have a kip. Now, I know why I like … Continue reading

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