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NEWS AND VIEWS: Standing Up For Science – Improving the relationship between science and the media

Historically, scientists and journalists have never really got along. In general, scientists tend to be a little … mistrustful of the ability of a journalist to accurately portray their research to a wider audience. In return, journalists may find that … Continue reading

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Diabetes and Alzheimer’s: Could overeating lead to dementia?

The number of people suffering from diabetes is on the rise. This rise runs alongside a worldwide increase in obesity, with around 10 percent of the population suffering from diabetes, and 12 percent considered obese. Although we know bad eating … Continue reading

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Your Brain on Lies, Damned Lies and ‘Truth Serums’

Pork pies, fibs, whoppers, untruths, tall stories, fabrications, damned lies…not to mention statistics. Apparently, every person lies an average of 1.65 times every day. However, since that average is self-reported, maybe take that figure with a pinch of salt. The … Continue reading

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Cancer – when good cells go bad.

Cancer is an illness that will unfortunately affect most of us at some point in our lives – either directly or through someone we care about. The remarkable thing about cancer is that although in many ways the disease acts … Continue reading

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What is consciousness? A scientist’s perspective.

We all know what consciousness is. We can tell when we’re awake, when we’re thinking, when we’re pondering the universe, but can anyone really explain the nature of this perception? Or even what separates conscious thought from subconscious thought? Historically … Continue reading

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