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The dream-reading machine

The film Inception starts with Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt attempting to infiltrate someone’s subconscious. They are trying to steal the target’s dreams. This wonderfully futuristic concept may be a thing of science-fiction movies, but researchers in Japan might just … Continue reading

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News and Views: The Brain Activity Mapping Project – What’s the plan?

“If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t” – Dr. Emerson Pugh Isabelle Abbey: An ambitious project intended to unlock the inscrutable mysteries of nerve cell interactions in … Continue reading

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Preventing mitochondrial disease: Can three (parents) be the magic number?

Since September 2012, there has been a consultation in the UK on whether to allow the creation of three-person embryos. This may sound like an odd debate to be having, but there is a good reason for trialling this technique: to reduce … Continue reading

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News and Views: The Festival of Neuroscience – A 5 minute guide.

  Between 7th-10th April 2013, neuroscientists from across the globe met in London for the British Neuroscience Association’s ‘Festival of Neuroscience’. Here is my whistle-stop tour of the main talking points.     Drugs, neuroscience and society Instigated by the … Continue reading

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How Bluetooth could save your life

“The iPhone is great, but what if I wanted to put it in my brain?” John A Rogers from the University of Illinois asked this question at a recent talk about electronics that work inside our bodies. From stretchy electronic … Continue reading

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News and Views: The importance of vaccination

There has been a story in the news recently about a measles outbreak in Swansea and certain other areas of Wales. The cause of this outbreak is attributed to a lack of children being vaccinated with the controversial Measles, Mumps … Continue reading

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The Superhuman Savants

Savant syndrome is an incredibly rare and extraordinary condition where individuals with neurological disorders acquire remarkable ‘islands of genius’. What’s more, these ‘superhuman’ savants may be crucial in understanding our own brains. ‘Savant’, derived from the French verb savoir meaning … Continue reading

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