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The mystery of the appendix

The appendix gets a lot of bad press. We often think of it as one of the most pointless parts of our body that lacks any real purpose or function. But this may actually be far from the truth, with … Continue reading

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Basic Research – What’s the Point?

I am what is known in the research trade as a ‘basic’ researcher. It’s not that my work is simple. What basic research means is that the work doesn’t have any immediate real world application. In some people’s eyes that … Continue reading

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Acne bacteria to blame for back pain?

What do acne and chronic back pain have in common? Well, as it turns out, more than people once thought.  A group at the University of Southern Denmark have found that the same bacteria that gives people spots might be … Continue reading

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Comments: The future of secondary school science

Exam time is fast approaching and once again this year pupils will not only be fretting about their potential grades, but also over the following inevitable barrage of claims concerning falling exam standards. Yes, however hard you may have worked … Continue reading

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