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Headed in the right direction to treating Parkinson’s?

Stem cell researchers have been exploring ways of converting human body cells into neural cells specific to dopamine, an important chemical in the brain. Now it seems they may have found one mix of factors that stimulates this conversion directly. … Continue reading

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Do you want to know what secrets are concealed in your genes?

If you have been living on Earth recently, you’ll have come across the news that a certain Hollywood actress has undergone major preventative surgery due to the discovery of a faulty gene. The gene in question is called BRCA1 and, … Continue reading

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Nerve regeneration: do good things come in small packages?

The holy grail of treating neuronal injuries is to persuade damaged neurones to regrow exactly as they were. Currently doctors lack the tools to do this, but hope is in sight in the world of nanotechnology. Unfortunately, once nerves have … Continue reading

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Synesthesia: How does your name taste?

Are you convinced that Mount Everest tastes like strawberries? Or that Friday is a deep green colour? Does hearing your friend Dave’s name make you wretch? If so, you might be entering the baffling world of synesthesia. Synesthesia (synaesthesia in … Continue reading

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