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Body disorders that you never knew existed- Part 1

Welcome to the world of the weird and wonderful. You will be taken on a run down through five of the most unusual, rare, fascinating and possibly unthinkable disorders that we know exist. 1.  Hypertrichosis- ‘Werewolf syndrome’ Imagine having a … Continue reading

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Humans – Why Are We So Gross?

Our bodies, all in all, are pretty impressive. We’ve got big brains, mighty muscles and intricate insides. Human bodies are remarkable, finely tuned machines. Unfortunately these machines have a lot of by-products. We make sick, snot, pus and poop. There … Continue reading

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How much of ‘life’ can be patented?

Can patents give scientists or companies the rights to ‘life’? In June this year the US Supreme Court ruled that genes cannot be patented in the States. To say this ruling was controversial would be a massive understatement; this mixed ruling … Continue reading

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Welcome to the pleasuredome: How we evolved to love music

In 2008 at Hohle Fels, a Stone Age cave in Southern Germany, archaeologists discovered what is thought to be the oldest example of a man-made musical instrument: a vulture bone flute dating back to the period when ancestors of modern … Continue reading

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The Brain in Pain

How brain imaging technology is placing emphasis on the potential for the mind to influence our physiology, and how this influence should not be underestimated. What really determines how we feel pain? Scientists are now suggesting that the complex emotional … Continue reading

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