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Hating greens and “taster” genes: the bitter truth

You’d be hard pushed nowadays to find anyone unaware of the “five-a-day” rule surrounding fruit and vegetables in our diets. Green vegetables, in particular, are associated with numerous health benefits, such as reduced risk of coronary heart disease.1 Yet consuming … Continue reading

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Excellent scientists that you probably haven’t heard of

There are some scientists that everyone has heard of; Darwin, Newton and Curie all spring to mind. Of course, their scientific discoveries were all legendary. But what about the people who have contributed just as much to the world of … Continue reading

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Attacked by your own hand: when the brain acts against you

Sometimes it might feel like your brain acts against your own interests. Who hasn’t regretted that extra pint or an unaffordable shopping spree? But what if your brain was controlling a part of your body against your will? This is … Continue reading

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Controlling the brain with light: Where are we at with optogenetics?

Optogenetics has had a blockbuster billing. This remarkable neuroscience tool has been lauded to have the potential to illuminate the inner workings of the brain and allow us to understand and treat neurological diseases. But how far off are we … Continue reading

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