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Flashes of brilliance in the brain – the best neuroscience images of 2013

Pretty pictures and popular neuroscience go hand-in-hand. People love to see the contours of their brain on an MRI and journalists are drawn to a brain flashing away with activity. There have been some fantastic images from neuroscience in 2013. … Continue reading

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Battle of the brain’s sex differences…or not really?

Why some people are surprised at the very idea of there being differences between male and female brains I don’t understand. But, what really confuses me is when journalists misinterpret research findings and overextrapolate speculative comments to fit cliched gender … Continue reading

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The confusing science behind weight loss

It’s getting to that time of year when it becomes socially acceptable to stuff yourself full of the fattiest foods imaginable and then do nothing for 48 hours. You may be one of those people who is planning on upping … Continue reading

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