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The Science of Fear

Think of Halloween and FEAR comes to mind. From the scary horrors of the darkest of our imagination to just the thought of pestering children knocking on your door! We’ve all been there. Facing our worst nightmares. Heart starts racing. … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered what you would do if you could see in to the future? It’s right up there with invisibility, flight and super-strength as the super-power that people would love to possess. I don’t mean the type of … Continue reading

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The Fractal Factor: Patterns in Nature – The Building of the MegaMenger at this year’s Manchester Science Festival

Aristotle once said “In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous.” Living in a world brimming with technology, it is easy to forget the beauty and wonder of the world around us -unless it is accompanied by … Continue reading

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Exercise and brain power: how does physical activity help us think?

We might believe that the best way to improve grades at school is to spend more time studying, even at the cost of physical activity. According to research however, we might be wrong. In fact, girls and boys with high … Continue reading

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A Scientist by Any Other Name…

Think of a famous Manchester-based scientist and your mind almost certainly conjures up John Dalton (famous for his work on Atomic theory), Alan Turing (famous for the Engima machine, and for being a mathematician and NOT a scientist) or Ernest … Continue reading

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