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“Accidents will happen” – when serendipity meets drug discovery

Few would argue that advancements in science require hard work, long hours and intellectual minds. But a few accidents along the way can certainly help as well. Serendipity, the accidental, but very fruitful, discovery of something other than what you … Continue reading

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Palming off unsustainability

When I first landed in Singapore last October I expected to be greeted by clear skies and sunshine but, in reality, I couldn’t even see the famous skyline in front of me.  Welcome to the reality of living in South … Continue reading

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Ovarian cancer: early diagnosis is the best treatment

The 8th of May was world ovarian cancer day. Ovarian cancer is considered to be the most lethal gynaecological malignancy, being the  fourth most common cause of cancer death in women in the developed world (1). Early stage misdiagnosis is … Continue reading

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Yoga for health: uniting body and mind

Yoga is an eastern tradition which is becoming increasingly popular in Western societies. Although the spiritual elements of this ancient Indian practice have partially disappeared in its westernised form, the practice still remains a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to maintaining … Continue reading

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Understanding cosmetic testing in the UK.

If we were to ask you which of the following high street brands use animals to test the cosmetic products they sell in their UK stores (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Boots, The Body Shop, Lush or none of these); what would your … Continue reading

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