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Why do astrophotographers spend all night under the stars?

It’s a sensible question. You may think that our love of the celestial domain keeps astrophotographers up all night, or maybe it’s because there are so many astronomical targets out there that it takes all night to photograph them. Or … Continue reading

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The Human Sensor: Making the Invisible Visible

Breathe. Breathe deeply. Breathe in, breathe out. With each breath in, breathe in peace, tranquillity and calm. With each breath out, release tension, anxiety and pain. Let your mind be still, and your body relax, with an ever-present focus on … Continue reading

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Are we ready to live without immunisations?

The immune system is like an army, poised and ready to attack: it actually comprises two separate systems, these being the innate and the adaptive immune systems – you could think of these as two separate groups of soldiers i.e. … Continue reading

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The functions of bioluminescence brought to light

When picturing the dead of night or the deepest depths of the ocean, we may be inclined to think of pure, impenetrable darkness. Yet nature has quite a different image in mind – one where darkness is pierced by flashes … Continue reading

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Are you my type? The fascinating world of blood types

With our 30th birthdays on the horizon my best friend and I decided to make a bucket list. As the months ticked by one thing on my list stood out – blood donation. I must admit I feel slightly ashamed … Continue reading

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