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Attacked by your own hand: when the brain acts against you

Sometimes it might feel like your brain acts against your own interests. Who hasn’t regretted that extra pint or an unaffordable shopping spree? But what if your brain was controlling a part of your body against your will? This is … Continue reading

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Nerve regeneration: do good things come in small packages?

The holy grail of treating neuronal injuries is to persuade damaged neurones to regrow exactly as they were. Currently doctors lack the tools to do this, but hope is in sight in the world of nanotechnology. Unfortunately, once nerves have … Continue reading

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How Bluetooth could save your life

“The iPhone is great, but what if I wanted to put it in my brain?” John A Rogers from the University of Illinois asked this question at a recent talk about electronics that work inside our bodies. From stretchy electronic … Continue reading

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Could ‘smart’ drugs make us more productive?

“Performance-enhancing drugs” is a phrase we’re used to hearing in the context of sport. But what if the drugs in question were aimed at improving our mental ability? Smart drugs, or ‘nootropics’, have been widely hailed as the steroids of … Continue reading

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Ketamine: from drug of abuse to anti-depressant.

Ketamine is probably best known as a recreational drug and horse tranquilliser. However, it also has a number of beneficial medical uses. It is routinely used as an anaesthetic, it is used in medical research to replicate symptoms of schizophrenia … Continue reading

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