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A tale of anxiety and reward – the role of stress and pleasure in addiction relapse

At the start of February we heard the horrible news that Philip Seymour Hoffman, a wonderful Academy Award winning actor, had died from a drug overdose. This followed news from last year of the death of Glee star Cory Monteith … Continue reading

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Flashes of brilliance in the brain – the best neuroscience images of 2013

Pretty pictures and popular neuroscience go hand-in-hand. People love to see the contours of their brain on an MRI and journalists are drawn to a brain flashing away with activity. There have been some fantastic images from neuroscience in 2013. … Continue reading

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Are we on the verge of an era of personalised medicine? Ten years on from the Human Genome Project.

“Ten years ago, James Watson testified to Congress that once we had the genome sequenced, we would have the language of life. But it turns out that it’s a language we don’t understand.”         Robert Best, 2013 In April 2003, at … Continue reading

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Controlling the brain with light: Where are we at with optogenetics?

Optogenetics has had a blockbuster billing. This remarkable neuroscience tool has been lauded to have the potential to illuminate the inner workings of the brain and allow us to understand and treat neurological diseases. But how far off are we … Continue reading

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Synesthesia: How does your name taste?

Are you convinced that Mount Everest tastes like strawberries? Or that Friday is a deep green colour? Does hearing your friend Dave’s name make you wretch? If so, you might be entering the baffling world of synesthesia. Synesthesia (synaesthesia in … Continue reading

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The dream-reading machine

The film Inception starts with Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt attempting to infiltrate someone’s subconscious. They are trying to steal the target’s dreams. This wonderfully futuristic concept may be a thing of science-fiction movies, but researchers in Japan might just … Continue reading

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News and Views: The Festival of Neuroscience – A 5 minute guide.

  Between 7th-10th April 2013, neuroscientists from across the globe met in London for the British Neuroscience Association’s ‘Festival of Neuroscience’. Here is my whistle-stop tour of the main talking points.     Drugs, neuroscience and society Instigated by the … Continue reading

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