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Why do dogs wag their tails? A new insight.

If there are two things that pique my interest in life, it’s Biology and dogs (specifically pugs). So imagine my delight when I saw that there was an actual research paper in Current Biology all about dogs [1]. The study … Continue reading

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Humans – Why Are We So Gross?

Our bodies, all in all, are pretty impressive. We’ve got big brains, mighty muscles and intricate insides. Human bodies are remarkable, finely tuned machines. Unfortunately these machines have a lot of by-products. We make sick, snot, pus and poop. There … Continue reading

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Basic Research – What’s the Point?

I am what is known in the research trade as a ‘basic’ researcher. It’s not that my work is simple. What basic research means is that the work doesn’t have any immediate real world application. In some people’s eyes that … Continue reading

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Fighting jet lag – a simple case of wearing more layers?

Pioneering research has found that one of the best ways to beat jet lag may be by wearing more layers, sitting by a fire and having plenty of cups of tea. Scientists have found that our biological clocks are driven … Continue reading

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The Science of Sleep – You snooze you lose?

My top ten favourite things to do are as follows: 1) Eat 2) Sleep 3) Snack 4) Snooze 5) Lunch 6) Nap 7) Chow down 8) Dream 9) Pig out 10) Have a kip. Now, I know why I like … Continue reading

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