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Been there done that…or have I? Understanding the phenomenon of Déjà vu

Have you ever experienced that overwhelming sense of familiarity with a place or situation, when it shouldn’t be familiar at all? For example, have you visited a restaurant in a city that you’ve never been to before and had this … Continue reading

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The decline of the antibiotic – taking medicine back to the dark ages?

After being struck down with a particularly nasty chest infection, I initially put off going to see the doctor and instead opted for lots of rest, fluids and self-medication. After suffering at home for a few weeks with no alleviation … Continue reading

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The elephant: the largest living land animal

From the killer whale whose heart is large enough to fit a small car inside, to the crocodile whose lungs are able to move around within its body cavity to alter its centre of gravity: the animal kingdom contains some … Continue reading

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A smoking revolution – What’s in a cigarette?

Travel back in time to the forties and fifties. Smoking was seen by some as a fashion statement. This was before we were clued-up on the abundant chemicals and the massive impact it could have on our health.  As research … Continue reading

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Gambler’s mind: The thrill of almost winning

Almost three quarters of the British population participate in gambling of some form, despite the fact that we know the odds are so heavily stacked against us.  So why do we gamble despite the massive risk? The answer to this … Continue reading

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Printing human organs – is this the answer to solving the transplant shortage?

There are approximately 10,000 people on the UK transplant list waiting to receive an organ. Statistics show that, due to a shortage in organs available for transplant, every day 3 of these people will die before receiving their transplant. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Body disorders that you never knew existed- Part 1

Welcome to the world of the weird and wonderful. You will be taken on a run down through five of the most unusual, rare, fascinating and possibly unthinkable disorders that we know exist. 1.  Hypertrichosis- ‘Werewolf syndrome’ Imagine having a … Continue reading

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